So you’re in a uniformed role. You’ll want to consider getting the appropriate uniform.

The Scout Leader’s uniform is a protected symbol by Royal Charter. Meaning it is an offence to post as a Scout Leader if you are not one. It’s not difficult to see why, either, as Scouters are tremendously proud of their role, and the symbols attached to it.

At some point soon after being appointed to a Uniformed Role, you’ll need to purchase the Stone Coloured Scout Leader Shirt or Blouse from the Scout Shop. There’s loads of options available, from long and short sleeves, shirt or blouse, long fitting or short fitting. These fittings are all designed to keep you comfortable while performing your duties.

At 1st Abram, we recognise the contribution you’ll make to our group and so provide a contribution to your Scout Leader Uniform. But to help you be even more comfortable, we also provided all of our Leaders with a Branded Hoodie complete with your Shiny New Leader Name.

Once you’ve got your uniform, you’ll be invested into the group – yes, you need to make a promise too. At that point, you’ll receive your 1st Abram Group Necker.

By the time we come to parade, you’ll want to make sure you have a smart pair of pants or a skirt. Normally they would be Navy Blue in colour to fit in with everyone else. You’ll also want some smart shoes, which are comfortable. There’s nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes only to find you have to stand up for an entire church service so our young people can sit.

But you’ve got your uniform, and you’re helping the young people earn loads of badges – what badges can you put on your new shirt?