Equipping you to volunteer

The pride of Scout Volunteering is it’s extensive training programme, giving you the tools you need to realise your best as a volunteer.

Each role has a different list of requirements for training, aimed at ensuring that your time is well spent, and that our young people get the most benefit out of you sooner, rather than later. Before you start your training, you are in a ‘Provisional Role’, but you are still in the role – if you are in a uniformed role, you can wear the uniform from here – IF you have been invested.

Your first 5 months

In the first 5 months of any role, you will be expected to complete a Personal Learning Plan (usually developed in association with the Training Manager during your DAA). You will then need to complete modules in Essential Information, GDPR, Safety and Safeguarding – all of which can be completed online. You’ll also receive additional training specific to the role you are undertaking, called ‘Tools for the Role’. Trustees of our Charity (Group Executive), will also need to complete the Trustee Introduction e-learning.

Your first 5 years

Now, you can relax, and enjoy the role. Many of the remaining modules (if any) you will complete as part of your normal role within Scouting. But you should take the opportunity to get on one of our County Training Events. Usually taking place over a weekend, and often residential, these give you an opportunity to learn from our knowledgable County Team, but also give you an important opportunity to network with other Scouters from around the County, gain insight into their roles, and experiences. Not forgetting that some of these individuals may be changing roles, or returning from a break in Scouting, or just wanting a refresher.

Ongoing Training

Some roles require 2 hours of ongoing learning (OGL) on an annual basis. Which can be anything from Safety Training, Safeguarding Training, or even First Aid.

Once you’ve taken on the role, you’ll want to think about getting the appropriate uniform…